The 22nd International Organ Academy, 26 June – 30 June 2017

at the Cahman (1728) and Schwan (1783) organs

Welcome to a summer course for those who would like to develop their ability to interpret above all North-German Baroque music. We will work principally at the Cahman Organ in Lövstabruk, a famous instrument from 1728, in original condition.

The focus of the Academy in 2017 will be music from Girolamo Frescobaldi to Johann Sebastian Bach, in other words the building of stilus fantasticus and its northward spread into northern Europe. Students are, however, also encouraged to play other early music as well.

Pedagogical and artistic director: Gary Verkade, Piteå

Course teachers: Giorgio Parolini, Italy; Dan Lönnqvist, Finland; Gary Verkade, Sweden

For more information, please see the Organ academy page or the PDF with contact info: IOA17).

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